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Viva viva come on tonight

Had a bit of energy and spare time so made a few outfits from the great mess that is my closet. haha Lots of brand stuff and a few band items. not the greatest quality pics. If any one is interested I can probably con a friend into taking some pictures so we won't have crappy mirror pics. ^^;

 The wannabe Bou cosplay. XD I just have to modify the pants a bit.
Shirt - Sex Pot
Pants - putumayo

 Vinyl Pants, harware store chains and a Gazette tank top. ^-^ Gazerock is teh luff.

 Lovely Algonquins hat trenchsoat I think is like tripp or something? something american at least. Putumayo pants
 Putumayo pants, super lovers shirt, An Cafe hoodie (sorry no real details on that ^^;)
 H. Naoto hoodie

 Haha has anyone seen these things?! I soo want one. Sears speacil. ^-^ Ahh and An Cafe shirt and hoodie.
Soo now that I've spammed you all. haha ^^; I'll be going now.
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