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Japanese rock and street fashion fans

KERA LOVE...Where rock peoples meet fashion

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KERA LOVE COMMUNITY For those who love japanese street fashion style esp' style as in KERA magazine (I assumed that as you step here you would know already what is KERA style like) you can be punk ,lollita,decora or rock as long as it's style that in KERA magazine.Another magazines that could be in this catagory are Zipper and visual rock style like in CURE.

- You will not be accepted if you have no friends of your journal! Not to be harsh, this is to weedout trolls and bots.


-Pictures of stuffs you just bought is allowed.

-Not full body pic is fine but not only the face shot as you called camwhoring.

-Question about fashion or ask for friends help is ok.

-Have more than one pic? put the rest under cut.


-This is not rating community be nice to other and don't judge them by your only opinion.



-You can not sell stuffs here or post advertising about your sale journal or sale community.It's not allow if find out the post will be deleted without any notice.

-Don't post your community promote.It's only allow after you got permission from me </a>siamese_meow to contact me you can post in my friend only lj.Post without permission will be deleted.

-This is NOT community for EMO kids,Dark goth,Cyber goth. I'm sure there are many communities about these out there.

-No Cosplay pics or make up please if you want to post that please go to </a></a>visual_fuckers

-I believe that everybody have right to wear what they love and feel happy in so if it's not your style or you don't like it please look quietly and don't even use your personal opinions to judge them rude comments will be deleted and your account will be baned.

-No dramas or complain shit.

-Not that I want everybody to be so nice but if I found out that you are such a bad butt and bash on members here I will baned you.

please visit and join our affiliates.

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jfashion : anything fashion related (Gothic Lolita, Decora, Street...ECT)