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Do you know what did I do when I wasn't online for 1 and half day?

It was a plain boring white t-shirt before......

Remember when I posted about I hand painted this t-shirt with acrylic paints long time ago?

I painted on it with ACRYLIC paint without mixed with textile medium some people commented that the paint will wash off or the paint will crack after wash...Here fellows I WASHED THIS SHIRT ALREADY AND IT'S STILL COOL! no wash off! no crack! and seems like the paint just absobed in to textile like it's the t-shirt original printed.

So I could guarantee that acrylic paint is okay with t-shirt...but I don't know if it was about the brand too..I used tube acrylic paints brand 'Raphael' and mixed with just a little bit water.


The this t-shirt was still too big for me even it's S size so I couldn't wear it until I found a GREAT!and easy to understand resize tutoriel that  __pinkmelk__ </span>posted some times ago in t shirt surgery community you can find it  here 

I resized my shirt to fit me right.


and created some more to make it ROCKS!!! I always say...'like in KERA magazine'


I love it so much! I think I did great job ne? ^^;..Ne? *lol* .....sorryfor my shitty face...I was tired :(

And another thing....

I got a full bag of clothes from a friend ......and I found this pants in the bag.

The ugly pants wth broken zipper and they were hight waist  @__@ and look so ugly ugly on me....I look like old uncle when I wore them so I managed to cut + ripped......wanted to make them to be a skirt...but it wasn't that pig to make skirt out of  pants so it took me for many days to work on it (I worked just few hours a day ^^; not whole day)

Almost not enough fabric!!!! @___@;; fuuuuuu turned out not bad don't you think?

It's a 'SKIRT-ON-PANTS' kind wear over pants...

Side                                        Front


Ska punk style I think ^^;;;

 gosh what's wrong with fatty shortty ugly muT__T.

All pics have weird color I'm sorry...I took the pics when it was so dark and didn't use flash T__T

I also remade another t-shirt for my kitty Nico too but I'll show you later.....Hope you like them and make you got some cool idea ;) LIKE IN KERA MAGAZINE!!!

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