Dorothy (_pencil_) wrote in kera_love,

Hey all you Kera lovers!

Lately people have been posting creations of theirs, and I thought it might be fun to share some of mine!

First off is one of my most recent accomplishments. It was a HUGE jacket that was very unflattering. So I taiolred it and added some accents.

Skull Jacket

Here is the pattern, I love leopard print.

Everyone was making things with skulls on them, so I was inspired to add a skull to mine.

Gorillaz Shirt

Here is a shirt I made awhile ago that I technically havent finnished, but I doubt I will ever work on again. Dont get me wrong, I love this shirt, I am just lazy.

Image of 2D drawn onto the shirt.

The neck (it was supposed to look deteriorated)

The sleve, the arms are really long and go a little past my hands. The stiching looks really wonky, but it was only supposed to be temporary untill I sewed it properly. I guess that sewing late at night isnt really the best for me.

Gloomy hat

What can I say, I love gloomy bear.

And for fun, a simple outfit from the otherday!

(the first full body pic I've ever posted on a community!)

The shoes

The pants/belt.
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