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Kitty Hat!

My first post! I've been a lurker for awhile, and I've been so intimidated by the awesome stuff I've seen on this community to post my own. This one isn't too good, but I'll get some better pics later.

I wanted to show off my kitty hat!! I just got back to school from break and my friend Emily made a bunch of kids in my major these hats! Sooo cute. Enjoy!!

p.s. don't mind my lack of makeup. I had a really early class this morning and kind of fell out of bed. Bleh!

A little emo?

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Oh my God that is so awsome!
I want it. @_____@
Aw, yay. I am so glad you like it. I will be sure to pass all compliments on to my buddy who made it for me. :)
I want one too!
I don't mind lack of makeup...I don't wear make up at all myself 95% of times.
::lol:: I just wasn't feeling it today, y'know? Glad I am in similar company!