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Japanese rock and street fashion fans

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Yo~ [16 Dec 2007|11:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello Kera_Love~!
:D I went shopping in Atlanta and picked up a few things from The Junk Man's Daughter (awesome shop- they actually sell Kera & a few other Japanese mags in there. :0 I was like: -shocku-)- so I thought I'd make a post.

Four pictures behind the cut!
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August Issue [28 Aug 2007|10:39pm]

I've started scanning the August 2007 issue of kera mag. but it takes me a while since my scanner is under my desk x.x;;; so here's just a couple pages of it.

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Wattup! [28 Aug 2007|10:15pm]

[ mood | tired ]

September's Issue of Nylon! I only posted a couple scans from the magazine, if you need certain pages or whatever let me know, and I'll scan it in for you. I don't know if this is acceptable to post in this community, but if not, please delete this post.


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And we talk the talk [14 May 2007|07:43pm]

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first time poster! hope it's alright! [23 Mar 2006|04:37pm]

these masks hide these lies0Collapse )
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Theme! watashi no kutsu desuyo! [17 Feb 2006|07:04pm]

Hello everyone! I've been a member of this community for a while, but this is my first post.

well, here's my little intro

My name is Tatiana, I live in Eugene, Oregon, and I just turned 16. I've been interested in Japanese street fashion since 7th grade, so I guess thats about 4 years now. I love meeting new people who are into Japanese street fashion too~! I also love seeing all the new fashions that have come out of Japan.

anyway, here's my theme post.

Too Many shoesCollapse )

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KERA LOVE is now locked for members only. [03 Feb 2006|04:34pm]

[ mood | full ]

Dear members.

Last week I've made some change to our community as I had set our community's minimum security level to  Members-only so every of your entries gonna be  Friends-only entries in the community and only visible to our kera_love members.
However it's
your right to change your entry (entries) from Friends only as I already set for you to public if you would like to make your entries viewable by anyone who reads the community's entries...but I suggest that may or maynot cause some ploblem in the future.
Anyway membership still open , any user can join the community and read Members-only posts at any time....it's just that from now on STALKERS can not just read your posts without joining anymore

Why I have to do that?.
1.To avoid from ANONYMOUS commenting.As you would know ljdrama took place everywhere and I don't think anyone like it happen....it's true that people have diff'nt opinions about things but I wish kera_love to be the place that you can come here have fun with our fashion lover friends ,share our love for fashion and anything nice....I hope this place to be a place without bashing judging and drama shits.You can come here to ask for help or suggestion but not come here to evil on other so from now on there will be no coward ANONYMOUS comment because only members can view and post comments in your entries (only if you didn't change your entry to public) and if someonr bash or evil on people here we can no that 'who is that one' and as a maintainer I have right to 'KICK' and 'BAN' peoples that caused trouble or had reported as bad ass.
2.To avoid from photos stealer. Not that we really can do so much about that but it's better than nothing.As from now only members can see members only so if you found out your pics that you posted i kera_love outside kera_love so we know that it would be our 'member' that stole your pics and we can find out later about that.
3.To prevent from STALKERS..that's it.

So if you still not a member and want to see and post here..it take just few sec' to join the community don't just hide behind the shadow ;) I hope that this place will be just clear clean and full of joy.I'm trying my best to look over and keep this place worth to be.I don't have any power like OH I'M THE MOD I'M SO BIG SO WATCHOUT' I just a maid that keep it for you all....but I need everybody help to keep it nice too.

I'm sorry that I didn't inform you guys ealier I have my real life outside lj too *bows*

To see more information about that members only post you can read FAQ here

FAQ Question #234
How do I make my community Members-only?

Any questions or sugesions please feel free to tell me ;)

This post is public post.

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Yorishicu~ [31 Jan 2006|05:49pm]

ohayo mina-san~~~~ XDD watashi diabola desu!
yoroshicou (sp?) lol anyways~~~
me first time posting here was wondering if anyone know some good jap style shops in north america?? espeically in BC canada or anywhere els in canada?


is there any h.naoto in washiton state or in canada??
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New shoes! [29 Jan 2006|12:17am]

First time poster, I just thought I'd post these adorable shoes I bought today for 25.00 CAD!

gorgeous~~Collapse )
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My Hot Creation. [28 Jan 2006|10:02pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]


PIRATE!!!!Collapse )

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(^-^); [27 Jan 2006|10:41am]

Hi Hi im new to the community...actually ive been a member for a lil while now but never posted anything...yet (._.;)~ *feels bad* so i decided to post some pix today sorry for the blurry-ness T_T my cam really sucks!!!these arent good pix but i thought id share ^_^; promise ill post better pix next time \(^3^)/ nya nya~~~*

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Do you know what did I do when I wasn't online for 1 and half day? [25 Jan 2006|11:52pm]

[ mood | blah ]

It was a plain boring white t-shirt before......

Until I put my hands on it.Collapse )

And another thing....

I got a full bag of clothes from a friend ......and I found this pants in the bag.

The ugly pants wth broken zipper and they were hight waist  @__@ and look so ugly ugly on me....I look like old uncle when I wore them so I managed to cut + ripped......wanted to make them to be a skirt...but it wasn't that pig to make skirt out of  pants so it took me for many days to work on it (I worked just few hours a day ^^; not whole day)

But finallyCollapse ) I also remade another t-shirt for my kitty Nico too but I'll show you later.....Hope you like them and make you got some cool idea ;) LIKE IN KERA MAGAZINE!!!

Posted to my own lj and kera_love

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[24 Jan 2006|11:05pm]

Hey all you Kera lovers!

Lately people have been posting creations of theirs, and I thought it might be fun to share some of mine!

Welcome to my wardrobe!Collapse )
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New Winter-y Things! [24 Jan 2006|10:21pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I live in New England, so Winter is a pretty big event for us. >_> I.E. It goes on forever.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to make my wardrobe just a little more FRUiTSy, so I give you -- my new coat and scarf!!

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Some...many pics.... [23 Jan 2006|12:58am]

[ mood | blank ]

it's pink and something mixed.Collapse ) Wow..many pics...sorry ne X__x.




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My scarf [21 Jan 2006|04:03pm]

I was asked to show it here wehen it´s finished

After 4 days it is
It´s about 2 metres long

It´s a slytherin fangirl scarf;) XD
And it looks very cute and - thx to the green- matches with decora style

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Viva viva come on tonight [19 Jan 2006|09:59pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Had a bit of energy and spare time so made a few outfits from the great mess that is my closet. haha Lots of brand stuff and a few band items. not the greatest quality pics. If any one is interested I can probably con a friend into taking some pictures so we won't have crappy mirror pics. ^^;
eww! Click me! CLICK ME!Collapse )

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Kitty Hat! [17 Jan 2006|01:38pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

My first post! I've been a lurker for awhile, and I've been so intimidated by the awesome stuff I've seen on this community to post my own. This one isn't too good, but I'll get some better pics later.

I wanted to show off my kitty hat!! I just got back to school from break and my friend Emily made a bunch of kids in my major these hats! Sooo cute. Enjoy!!

p.s. don't mind my lack of makeup. I had a really early class this morning and kind of fell out of bed. Bleh!

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